La Rambla – Before Sunrise After Sunset

Keep it alive

The revolution is coming

Disclaimer for my Grandmother: despite what you might read, I am doing very well, thank you for the strong genes, and it means a lot to me to have you follow this, even though it may conflict with your world views and possibly offend you at times.

Shout out to my mother: Michelle Fisher, you gave me life, you gave me breath, and you given me the foundations that allow me to pursue my happiness and hopefully, make a difference in this world.

Disclaimer for the People of Catalan: In my writings, I have talked about “the people of Spain”, this was an ignorant and inspired comment, instead I should have rightfully said “The people of Catalan”, and even more rightfully “The People of La Rambla” as I am sure that I will find that the people of  Catalan/Spain/Basque/Portugal are extremely diverse.



My journey to Barcelona was a test of endurance, for those of you who have travelled in such a way, I will spare you the trial of initiation that you have already walked (flown). However, I will say that the whole journey was effortless, and that the one major trial I had was finding a comfortable position to sleep on the plane without touching the elbow of the person next to me (sore neck). Mostly, I will show pictures of what I wrote whilst on the plane. Every journey starts off with a slice of magic though, and the first person that I sat next to on the first flight, just ‘happened’ to be a lecturer from the Griffith university, who began the creative writing course there in the 90’s and had lived in the bush near Kyogle where he wrote and published 10 novels. He also ‘just happened’to be flying to Frankfurt, Germany, for his new book, which was all about the evolution of writing and how it will develop (to the best of his knowledge) in this new digital age. Was this just a mere coincidence? Maybe…. But let’s take a moment to consider the chance of me – who is on a trip to Barcelona for a writing project –  sits next to a writing professor, who spent hours telling me about the cutting edge of creative writing…. Seriously now…. Lets do the math…. An entire universe with an infinite amount of possibility all at once, and I just happen to sit next to this man. I gave up the concept of ‘coincidence’ a long time ago and instead adopted the term ‘synchronicity’… because, lets take the scientific approach and do the math…. Coincidences happen all the time everyday, and in a universe that is supposedly just a bunch of random shenanigans that are colliding with each other … the math just does not quite add up considering the overwhelming odds if we truly do mean it when we say ‘random’.


I know that Im connected to the center of all things, and that I am the universe itself, the same as you. I’m watched over by guardian angels who I have been becomingvaware of for years, which you may not believe, but I want you to know that you have them too, and all it takes is to just open up  a conversation. They are extending their hsndout toyou, butt It takes two to tango and dance the night away…



So I got off the plane, caught a bus with a few troubles but nothing to worry about and ended up in Placa Del Catalunya.  I then walked into La Rambla, which was where my wonderful mother had booked me a hostel thanks to my brother Tom who told me to go there (Shout outs!). I found a restaurant and ate Payella, I thought it was important to begin my travels in Spain with some proper food. It was extremely overpriced dish, they knew that they were ripping me off, and I did too, but I made my choice and its all good.



Eventually I found my Hostel; it’s always nice to have a shower and a safe place for your things.

OH MY GOD LA RAMBLA! You would not believe it, the energy, the energy, the energy!


There is something very special about La Rambla, perhaps it is the same across Barcelona and maybe Spain, but the whole city shifts depending on the time of day. The sun is lazy and it comes up late, everyone is slow in the morning because really the day begins at 8:30 pm. I walked around absolutely and lovingly lost in the ancient streets for hours.


Everyone in Australia told me not to go down the side alleys, so I went down the side alleys, and experienced a symphony of Spanish, Moorish, Africanish, Europeanish and Pakastani’isms.(The following shots are extremely clean cut and not an accurate example of the chaos of La Rambla)


Walking side by side with the people of this city (and of course looking over my shoulder every now and then) I was blown away at how much I stand out. I came here thinking that I would blend in because my ancestors are European, but it seems that Australians are now a breed of our own (be proud). For we are kissed by the sun!


After multiple ventures from my hostel getting lost and ordering coffee (Ola, Jo quiedo, uno, café leche! gracias!)


I met up with a woman at 8:30 pm who I had been contacting over couch surfing for the past month. I will not mention her name lest it break the magic spell.
This beautiful woman, -and her tender heart, took me away on an adventure that she had planned unbeknownst to me (bless her soul). We sat at the Mirador del Port Vell together. I told her about my world in Australia and her eyes were wide and glossed over as she listened. She said to me,

“I sensed the mountain in you.”

I asked her if there was something different about me, because many time I had caught people staring at me and taking a second look.

“Absolutely!” She said, “ You have a strength and a fire in you.”

“That my dear,” I said, “I owe to the country I was born on and the lessons it has given me when I go walkabout in the bush.”

She then took me on the subway, we travelled for a few stops and got off at ‘ I have no idea where’, all I can say is that it was very different from La Rambla. It turns out, that she was on her way to work, and that she worked as a tour guide in one of Barcelona’s most famous Gaudi pieces of architecture, the ‘Le Pedrera.


She told me that I should return at 10:20 pm, because that was when she was starting her tour and that she would get me in for free. I said,

“Sure why not,” and went and had dinner before returning to the Le Pedrera.

She took me on the tour, with three other people, and she made a point to translate everything she had said into English and looked me deeply in the eyes as she explained the magic of Gaudi. *the sounds of delicate classical music fills the air*


Gaudi was inspired by nature, he was a Catholic but firmly believed that NATURE is GOD and our source of connection to the devine. Within the straight cut rush of the industrial revolution, disturbed by the rush of the industrial revolution, Gaudi created buildings that say,



“LOOK AT WHAT IS POSSIBLE! Look at what we could do with this city! We could live in heaven on earth…. if we choose.”


After the tour was over, the beautiful woman with her tender heart and I then spent time together in the Barcelona night, under the full moon, talking about life, love, religion, the Indigenous people, and the importance of hugging trees.


We walked again together, I had total faith in her, and was led through cobbled streets of magic that I would not have seen in my own time. The next thing, we are walking into the Gottica quarter (one of Barcelona’s oldest parts of the city, it is possibly pre Christ), surrounded by old quiet ancient buildings, still they live, awakened by the lives oftgat Catulan people.

We sit down together under the Catholic Cathedral:


Suddenly she gets excited, and whipping out a pen and paper she asks me to write the first thing that comes to mind. Naturally, I write a poem. She thinks it is beautiful but grabs the pen to change a word. “Kiss” is the word that she adds. So I turned into her and our lips communicated intimately on the steps of the ancient cathedral, under the Aries full moon. After our time of passion, which was the perfect thing to do on a warm European night, we sat together breathless.


“Close your eyes,” she says, “look at this postcard, and imprint what you see on It into your mind.”

Three arches in a cobblestone alley is what it was.

She took the poem and slid it into an ancient mailbox.

“This!” She proclaims. “Is being sent into the future!”

We walk together holding hands around the corner down an alleyway and she stops.

Looking around ahead of us she asks,

“What do you see?”

I look up and see the three arches and the cobblestone alley that was on the postcard.

“He ‘re we are!” She proclaims again, “Here we are in the future!”

Our lips communicate intimately again and it all now feels like such a dream.


I asked her “have you seen the movie, Before Sunrise?” (She hadn’t, but I implore you all to watch that movie, not only will you understand what this experience was like, but you will also watch one of the most beautiful movies ever made. P.s. the acting Is all improvised with a loose script).

Walk on we go, lost in the experience. She gives me a gift of Palo Santo, ( a sacred wood that you burn who’s smell makes your eyes dance in beauty) and we danced together in a Gothic sandstone square, as i hummed a famous symphony slowly into her ear.

“I am taking us both home”, she says leading me back into La Rambla. At the crossroads we talk for a while and communicate with our lips again…


“Ok”, she says kissing me on the check,“Bye.” And before I know it she disappears off into the crowd.


Suddenly, tight curved African woman comes up to me and loops her warn arm around mine. With her mouth and her hand she explains to me that her blowjobs are cheap.

“No thank you,” I say, “But you are very beautiful.”

She flicks her head over her shoulder at me and smiles, both of us wish that we could meet in TOTALLY different circumstances.

“You want Cocaine? MDMA?” Whispers a man next to me as I walk to my hostel.

I won’t tell you what my answer to him was, but I will tell you that he was Pakistani, and a huge fan of Australian cricketer Brett Lee, and liked to rock out to a bit of ACDC.

AS I finish this blog, I have successfully not slept for 24 hours…. Jet lag is a myth.




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