La Rambla – After Midnight


  Midday in La Ramblas is at 2 am. As the sun goes down at 6 pm, the Borough begins to slowly turn upside down, and as the underworld rears its big beautiful broken head, the other half of the city begins to emerge with it.


  I hear a warm enthusiastic voice call to me as I’m walking down the street of La Ramblas at 2 am.

“Hey Brother! How are you going?”.

It’s the Pakistani fella and his mate who looks like a Shiekh version of Snoop Dogg, but with added flavour. I met them both last night and featured them in my previous blog.
“My Brother whaaatsup!” I say back to him, grinning and shaking his hand before we bump our knuckles together as brothers.
“How was the rest of your night last night bro?” Pakistani Brother asks me while Sheik Snoop Dogg just straight up chills out leaning against a street lamp.

“Thanks to you Senor, it was very lovely. Moy bein, gracias!”

Pakastani Brother looks at Brother Sheikh Snoop Doggy Dog and says something to him in their mother tongue. Snoop nods his head with a cool styled grunt, and I cock my head sideways.

“What did you say?” I ask Pakistani Brother.

He smiles and says “I say that you are a very nice guy.”

“Ayyyyyeeee!” I say right back at him with a grandiose smile to boot. “Gracias! You gentlemen are also very nice ‘!”

“Brett Lee is a very nice guy!” Brother Pakistani says with a starlit smile, ” Australia Cricket team, man I love that spin bowel.” He shows me what he means by pretending to bowel a ball down the streets of Barcelona. Sleek Sheik Snoop Doggy dog laughs like a king.
“Hey boys, I need to celebrate this.” I say. “Ill buy two beer from you aye?”.

“Yeaaaahhh my brother!” Pakistani Brother says grinning and nodding his head, “Are you sure? Two eruo’s!”


I dig into my wallet for the money, its absolutely chocker-block full of coins which all look the same to me. I fumble around for a while trying to find another euro.

“Ahh fuck it.” I say, “Take the whole lot!”

Money rains into the hands of Brother Pakastani, although I’m sure it was only a total of 3 euros, and we all celebrated the waterfall of wealth together with bright shiny eyes.

“Thank you my brother!” Says Pakistani brother smiling a most grateful smile. “If you be here for two month, you will have a very good time. We do not see people like you around here. Good luck for you”
“Viva la ACDC!” I say to him and Sheikh Snoop Doggb with my arms opened to the sky.

“Viva la ACDC!” They say laughing.

Before I leave, Bother Pakistani leans in close and says, “You need anything else bro? Cocaine? MDMA? Marajuana? Very good price for you my brother.”

“Nah bro, Gracias.” I reply, “What I need tonight is some sleep, Gracias. You boys have a good night aye.”

We slap hands and bump fists again and I walk away stashing one beer in my pocket and cracking open the other, for that good ol’ refreshing gulp of golden liquid courage.


I walk down a dark alleyway to a courtyard, where a bunch of people are hanging out outside a couple of clubs.


    Everyone is smiling, talking, and having a good time. If I was in Australia, everyone would be yelling, stumbling, and vomiting. I sit down on a ledge with my beer and smoke a cigarette. A brother to my left whips out his skateboard and starts carving up the alleyways. Everyone stops for a moment to watch and cheer as he lands a  dope ass trick with rugged grace. The bouncer allows us all to have our fun for a while, including himself, before asking the brother to politely put the skateboard away, and the brother, politely agrees.

I constantly catch the Spanish girls staring at me, I do look very different to anyone else here. Australiano!.


   Satisfied and content, I stand up from my perch and walk down another dark alleyway. Half way along I’m sipping my beer from brother Pakistan, enjoying the crisp breeze and the warm yellow streer lights. A woman slides out from the shadows and walks towards me speaking Spanish at a million sensual kilometres per hour.

“Perdon. No Espaniol.” I say to her politely.

“Ahh! Ingles?” Her strong and elegant African face comes into the light.

“Yes. Si, Si.” I say.

“You want to make some love tonight baby?” She asks me, rolling her body with a talent for sexual seduction..

“No thank you darling, Gracias” I reply.

“But everyone wants to make love baby!” She exclaims, shrugging her delicate shoulders and having fun with it.
“Sweetheart, I would love to make love to you, but not like this, Gracias,”. My hand touches my heart.

“Any thing you like honey. You tell me. What do you want?.”

“I want it for free, i want it for love” I say to her with a honeyed tongue. We laugh together and in that moment we became friends.

Biting her lower she says, “Me too honey, i would like that very much too. But this is business baby, I need to make some money, we will make love together honey, I promise you that.”

“Beautiful, please” I say to her holding my heart again, “Lets forget about money tonight and just absolutely melt into each other. Lets nurture ourselves by laying in a bed of pure playfulness and sweet innocence.”

“I cannot do that,” she says blushing sadly, “but you are a very sweet man.”

“You are a very beautiful woman. Tonight after you finish work, I will see you in your dreams.”,  we touched each others soul through our eyes.

As our two worlds came together but could never be, we said good bye and walked on after blowing each other a lovers kiss. She watched me and i watched her until I disappeared around the corner and La Ramblas went on.


– Image drawn today by Abbie McGregor – Unity through our Hearts.

   I was just hanging out, feeling the vibe of la Rambla. Chillen in a few places and  watching the Barcelona night weave its smelly magic spell. During the day the Policia are everywhere, but during the night they drive down the street, never leaving their cars to interfere. When they do drive past, half of the people melt into the shadows leaving the tourists to stand alone gawking at the many bright lights.


  It makes sense to me that the Policia are not a hug presence at night, as there job is really to maintain the peace, and surely they know all of the ‘crime’ that is taking place in the open. The government knows that all of this underworld will continue regardless. As long as there are some who are rich and many who are poor, people will find a way to make money regardless of what the government thinks is lawful. The true power has always been we the people. The Spanish seem to know this, I wish that my people did back home, lest we lose all the things that make us ‘The Lucky Country”… which was worked so hard for.







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