Anarchy in Valencia.

I sat next to a young Russian man in Valencia as he – with sangria in hand – in true Russian grace gave a long winded speech as the 8 of us, who were from Russia, Italy, Guatemala, Spain, Greece and Australia, sat down together for dinner.


I walked around this statue to find that he was wearing a sword on his hip whilst wielding his paint brush. Respect.

He finished his speech by saying:

“Although we all come from different places around the world and are not all able to speak the same language.What I have seen tonight is that we all do speak a common language, which is the universal language of kindness, compassion, and love.

This young man is certainly nothing like what the mainstream corporate media would have me believe what a Russian is.


Does this tree care for which country you come from? or for the beliefs that you hold?

I was sitting on a street curb in a district of Valencia smoking a cigarette at night, when three young men who looked like ‘Street Hoods’ stopped and struck up a conversation with me as they passed by, which led them to wanting to know if I wanted to buy some Marajuana at a locals price, because we all got along so well.

I asked if they meant any ill intent towards me and touched my heart, they responded to me offended and shook their heads whilst touching their own hearts.

I too was offended when they asked me if I was ‘Policia’ and I said:

“Fuck off! No way I am Policia! I am not Policia, I am Australiano!”


What makes someone proclaim Black pride?

The oppressed and unheard.

After we cleared up our suspicions, one of the guys lead me down the street to his apartment.

People walking past us went silent as we approached and avoided us in a wide arch on account of the ‘Street Hoods’ appearance.

We talked as we walked and he honoured my by using what little English he knew.

Tears sprouted in his eyes as he told me about how much he wished he could find more work to make more money so he could help to support his impoverished family back home in Morocco.

I brought my arm up around him and squeezed the back of his shoulder in support, his arm came up too and patted me on the back in thanks.

We arrived at his apartment block where he lead me lead me through the maze of a ghetto.

We stopped at the bottom of a flight of stairs and he asked me for the money.

I asked him again if he meant any ill will towards me and he was offended again and said:

“No way bro, I love people bro, I love people, here take this…”


If you disagree with this statement, please contact me, i’m interested in attempting in understanding the mind of a psychopath.

He pulled out his wallet from his back pocket and handed it to me as collateral for the 20 euros that I was entrusting to him.

We exchanged our material possessions and he walked up the stairs.

Looking inside his wallet I found that it contained 50 euros.

If I had of taken off in that moment, I would have been 30 euros richer then I had been before I’d met him and his mates, but that is no way to treat another fellow human being.


This tree is an Anarchist.

The voice of society told me to fear this man, but I listened to my heart instead and after he came back down the stairs he walked me all the way back to the spot where we had met, because he knew that I had no idea where I was, and that I would get lost in Valencia night.

After a conversation about God and his faith in Islam, we hugged each other and he laughed with affection when I said “Inshallah” (God Willing).

“Inshallah bro” he said in return, turning around and walking off to where his mates were listening to Hip Hop and drinking beer in a nearby park a few blocks away.


Be afraid! The love ninja will getch’ya!

I stayed for a night with Anarchists in Santa Susanna, about an hour north of Barcelona in an occupied house that had been abandoned for 50 years before they had taken residence and worked their arses off to clean it up.

They kept the house incredibly clean and orderly.

They fed me generously, did there best to speak to me with what little English they knew, and made for me a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in for the night.

I watched them in admiration as they laughed together, shared absolutely everything with each other, and were sweethearts as they played with the three resident kittens that they had rescued from starvation on the streets.


“It’s the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquariiuuuussss!”

Despite what the status quo has warned me about Anarchy (of course, because in an Anarchic society there is no status quo), there are only a few times in my life where I’ve felt so welcome and comfortable as a guest in someone else’s house.


Another wasted space, imagine the garden that this could be, feeding its community

Everyone who I’ve asked in Spain about their opinion on the war in the Middle East have all said:

”Don’t listen to what you hear from corporate media. Turn off your television. The reason why we are raping and pillaging those countries is for nothing but their resources, which in turn creates terrorism due to the pain and suffering that we have caused them in the name of ‘Freedom’.Turn your television off. What’s happening over there is nothing more than murder and a humanitarian crisis that is our responsibility to solve, because we have created it.”


How many more people must we conquer before we grow up?

Despite what the media, Hollywood, and the status quo has warned me about all of the villainous people out here In the world.

I am still yet to find it after exploring some of the darkest of shadows.

Again and again all that I come across are beautiful kind-hearted people of all appearances who act out of love despite what their government tells them to do, or the way that they should view the world which is perpetuated by the mainstream corporate media.


For so long we have been governed, told that without it we will commit nothing but sin

This guy is not a happy chappy

Don’t get me wrong, I have been bashed, raped, and robbed in my life before.

So I know from experience some of the horrors that are out there in the world.


What is governing these people to dance and have fun? Government? Or themselves?

And yet, still, all that I can find are beautiful, honourable, and loving people who have far more in common with me then they do any sort of differences.


Anarchy means to not be controlled by any outside influence other than nature, to govern ourselves as a collective by the moral principles that lay within all of us.

Do no Harm and cause no Loss, unless harm is being done onto you, in which case you have the right to defend yourself to the point of reestablishing equilibrium.

This is Natural Law.


The one thing that you can always count on, is that things will always grow.

Growing our own food and sharing it with each other, even if a small amount, is a vital first step to re empowering ourselves

So I say lets all Anarchy a little more from the rational mind and passionate heart, because we’re already doing so everyday, whether we are aware of it or not.


Jesus was an Anarchist

Holding the shell of the goddess, the spirit of creation.

The lamb sits at his feet, signalling the end of the age of Aries into Pisces, and also the beginning of a new yearly cycle of the Sun (Son of God) through the Zodiac

Most of our modern religion is based on Astrotheology (Never heard of it? I’m not surprised, look it up), one of the first religions – the worship of the stars – which was preserved in the mystery schools of Egypt long before the birth of Christ


Good Night Valencia

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