Your new friend, the DEVIL!

It is time to talk about something different today, an aspect of life that is absolutely vital to our existence here on Earth, one that we would like to avoid, shun and ignore, but one that is just as special and necessary as the forces of love, light, and salvation.


This Force, this inner working of the Universe, which has been hijacked and misinterpreted for so long, used against us to cause fear, anxiety, and mistrust in our hearts, is one that we need to reedit back into our lives with a brand new perspective and understanding.





So, without further adieu, may I present to you…






The DEVIL! (Bom Bom Baaah!)

It is time for us here to look the DEVIL right in the eyes, and reinterpret, revision, and realign out understanding of just who and what the DEVIL is.

Before we dive down the rabbit hole, as your tour guide, I would like to announce that I am by no means the fountain of knowledge on this subject, but I would like to share with you what I have learnt, because once we shine a light into the darkness (enlightenment), we can start to live our lives in a way that is more aligned with the objective laws of the Universe, and hopefully become friends once again with the one who we couldn’t be here without,


 satan_2952817bThe reason why I’m writing about this subject is because in life, and especially when you are traveling (when the laws of creation are that much more vivid), I am experiencing the DEVIL myself as we speak, and rather than reject, fear, or avoid this experience, which is an inevitable occurrence when your living a life on Earth, I am doing my best to understand it so that it can work FOR and WITH me as my ALLY and FRIEND, rather than AGAINST me as my ENEMY.


 Due to the religious domination (Respect to my peaceful Brothers and Sisters of faith) that we have endured for at least the past 2000 years (the age of Pisces), our understanding of the Devil has been turned into our ruthless enemy, one who is separate from God (GOOD), who lurks in every shadow and every misfortune with the malevolent intentions of leading us into destruction, rather than being honoured as the fundamental principal or Law that it is, which is absolutely inseparable from the existence of life in the Universe.

– For the duration of this post, let’s try our best to let go of our preconceptions of what is ‘GOOD’ (GOD) and what is ‘EVIL’ (DEVIL). –

Now… let the show begin!


The DEVIL is the force that is forever working to destroy, in the service of that which is GOOD.

Imagine now, that we are looking through the lens of a microscope down into the microcosm and observing the evolution of a single celled organism, who taking its first steps of evolution into its new multi-cellular form.


  1. We are watching now, as this cell floats around in space peacefully, which it does for some time, until eventually it begins to shiver in the excitement of ascending, evolving, and growing in the pursuit of greater heights!

(This insatiable hunger to evolve or change is a fundamental principle of the Universe.)

When this cell begins to transform, it does not do so peacefully.


It is here in this moment that we will see what the DEVIL is, and how it is an absolutely necessary ingredient to the evolution of all life, and so therefore also the evolution of your own life.ccd3648ee25786858900499354fae912

The friction, the excitement, and the arousal that inspires the cell to evolve is much the same as when we are feeling aroused, and crave to be released from it. This is because when a cell evolves and reproduces, it is the same as when two humans have sex, and it is why some of our more primeval behaviors rear their six hundred and sixty six heads of gnashing teeth, gashing claws, and ecstatic screams in this act of wicked chaos (Which was absolutely necessary for us all to be here today).


For the more docile of us, and to be very blunt, the friction (chaos) between a penis and vagina causes both participants to explode (hopefully), out of which comes the ingredients for the beginning of new life.


So back again we return to the violent bloody chaos taking place under the microscope as our cute little single celled organism does battle with teeth, claws and screaming theatrics to eventually become a new form. After which it reaches a state of resolution, and floats around peacefully in a in a way that can now safely be labelled as a multi-cellular form.


  This creation of being, where the one is now two, is the beginning of what Eastern philosophy calls ‘Duality’ (Yin and Yang), or what the bible describes as the moment when God was by herself (the great abyss, the void, the awaiting potential, the nothingness, the primordial womb) and wanted to experience herself more and so declared “Let their be light!”, ejaculating her seaman across the Universe and therefore evolving into something more (The big bang).


Ok! So back again we are  observing our multi-cellular form.

After the shattering hurricane of hellfire it took for it to evolve (Although to us it looks more like a shiver and a ‘pop’) it is now floating around in a peaceful happy state.

However, will this new multi-cellular form hang around forever in this state of satiation?

F#*K no it wont! NEVER! WE MUST GO ON!

We must grow more and more complex into infinity because to sit still for too long is DEATH!

stagnant-pond-dsc_4818What till it take for these stagnant waters to live again? More stillness? Or chaos?

Eventually, as all life does, our little cell of duality becomes discontent and again becomes hungry to evolve into the next form which will be the state of 3 (The magic number, the holy trinity, the triangle, the birth of geometry), and on and on it goes.


(Nikola Tesla’s vortex math, the algorithm he used by observing the Universe to create free energy)

How is this next phase of evolution going to happen considering what it took to become one two’s?

Will it be peaceful?

Will it be painless?

Will it be effortless?

With no need for struggle and suffering?


It will be chaos, pain, and torment, in the pursuit of ascending step by step, higher and higher, to eventually one day touch the sky!



The chaos, the pain, the suffering and the torment it takes for evolution to take place is….. drum roll please…..



The force that is forever working to destroy, in the service of that which is GOOD.


Lucifer, the fallen angel, has has been scapegoated for too long, it is time to bring him back into the truth of who he is. Lucifer means “light bearer”, he is the angel who refused to be controlled and subjugated, he is the snake on the tree in the Garden of Eden who told Eve to eat the fruit and “Know Thyself”, and who was the being in the bible who came to Earth and told us to “Know Thyself”?  it was Jesus of course, the guy on the right depicted in the picture above, the Light Bearer, the Illuminated one, who came to Earth to tell us all that we are God, and that we are free and no servant to any King on Earth, only to the King in Heaven (The Universe). The Romans did not like Jesus, because he was unruly, he was Lucifer, the light bearer.

When we are born into this world, into this new life, from the womb – which at the time we believe is all that there is –  we are pushed out in the chaos of pain, kicking and screaming, into a new world that is almost too much for us to take in, which becomes easier for us with each trial and tribulation (The DEVIL) that we overcome.


(WARNING!, incoming tangent, but bear with me, we will bring it back around)


The Pagans of the north and especially the Greeks, worshiped a deity (One of many), who was named ‘Pan’.


Pan is half man and half goat (Sound familiar?), who was a poet, a musician, and a scallywag who romped around the land at night with a mighty erection whilst playing his flute, seducing women back to his lair, and laying with the Nymphs of the forest like the cheeky ol’ fellow (Horny old goat) that he was.


Pan was the gatekeeper of the underworld and a trickster. Whenever an unknowing person would come across him in the night, he would appear to them as a ferocious beast that was born from the depths of the worst nightmare.

He would do this as a test to separate those who were ready for the descent into the rabbit hole, and those who would believe in the fear of his facade and run away screaming in terror.

those of who see through his ruse, would find Pan to then be one of their greatest Allies, who would help to guide them as they stepped beyond the threshold of the ‘Known’ world and into the world of the ‘Unknown’.


Our greatest fear is the fear of the unknown.


The greatest treasures to be found in life, are those only found in the depths of the underworld. Which is a journey that is absolutely necessary to take in the pursuit of Evolution.


Take Luke Skywalker from Star Wars for example (‘Dakini’ which means ‘Skywalker’, was one of the names of Buddha, who went on a quest into the unknown to attain self-enlightenment).

Luke set out on his quest as an ignorant starry eyed youth, who after great tests of endurance, loss, and oppression, claimed his Light saber and the Force for his own, and returned as a capable, knowing, and wiser young man.


Could Luke have achieved this without the chaos, friction, and conflict brought about by Darth Vader and the mighty Empire?…



(And now we return)

We will finish this now by reinterpreting our concept of the DEVIL and its relationship to us in our daily lives.


(Solve et Coagula means “Solution and Coagulation”, in other words as Above so Below, which is Indicated by Baphomet pointed one hand up and one hand down. The Yin and Yang are fundamental principals of the Universe)

Just like Pan, the DEVIL can either be your worst ENEMY or your greatest ALLY, it depends on which side of the coin you choose to see.

So whenever you are met with conflict, chaos, suffering or destruction, think beyond the pain of the moment to the treasures that are awaiting you upon returning from you descent into the underworld.



(Imagine this photo in motion, as all life is, flipping from one side to the other, together forever in the act of living and dying living and dying. There is not one without the other.)

Think again of the chaos that takes place in the evolution of a single celled organism under the microscope, of the pain that was inflicted up you and your mother on the day that you were born.


The Phoenix rises from the ashes, with death come rebirth. The life as we knew it in the womb, died on the day that we were born. So what happens on the day of our death?



Rather than viewing the DEVIL as separate from GOD (GOOD), see instead that is but the other face of GOD, an absolutely vital aspect in the Universe (Friction) in the pursuit of higher and higher forms of existence (Ascension).

The DEVIL is your unruly best friend who at times can be an absolute dickhead, but who has just as much of a right of being here as you.


What mother wouldn’t love such a pretty face?

Despite the DEVILS tendencies to make our lives a living hell at times, invite him to sit around the campfire with you and your tribe, because everyone deserves a place around the warmth of the flame in the co-creation of the Universe.


The DEVIL does much to lead you to heaven.


Amen. ❤

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