Throwing Lightning

Swinging round corners in my car through the rain forested roads near Nimbin, I see a man walking along the side of the road with a backpack slung over his shoulders. He flicks up his thumb and I stop the car.

“Thanks for picking me up brother!” he says opening the door with an accent that tends to belong to those who walk in the Dreamtime.

“No worry’s bro, excuse the mess, jump in and chuck your feet up.” I say, stomping on the clutch and shifting into first. “Where ya from?”.

“South Tasmania my bro.”

“You a Koori man?”

“Cheh brah.”

“What brings ya out this way?”

“Thankfully bro” he says gesturing towards the Nimbin Rocks as they come into view, “I spent some time with the elders in the 80’s out here, learnt some of the old way and decided to join my people. We wanna live our lives out here in this funny way right, it’s called peace, love, unity, transparency and respect. You hearda that one before brudda?.” He laughs so hard his voice claps off the roof of the car, raining the good vibes over the both of us.

“Yeah I might of heard of that one before bro.” I say smirking. “In fact, you know what, I’m pretty sure we’re livin it right now.”

“Dats it my bro!” he says slapping me on the shoulder and winking a knowing grin.

We pull up into the  Nimbin car park and I switch off the engine. Before opening his door he shakes my hand and says, “Nobody’s gonna muck with ya, if you know how to throw lightning aye.” Pulling a sticky thick green bud from his backpack, he places it in my palm and eyes spiral with the excitement of watching the sky and the earth make love. “My generation, we’re gonna sort out all that Canberra story for everyone right. And your generation, you’s are gonna bring the new stories in, cause that’s what yas are here ta do right. Peace and love my brother.”


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