Old Skool Wizdom #1 – Ilahn 

Corey: What do you think about the world/life?

Elahn: Whoa!…  ok, well, if I’m looking at it in a nutshell, if I’m looking at my environment, um, considering it to be my God; it’s my supplier of everything that I am, and I have to consider that before I can consider anything external. So, for me, the world I live on is my provider, without it I’ll die, so I’m extremely respectful of this environment, and i’m concerned about the people around me, who are abusing that gift we are given.

I cannot go beyond that, because I really do believe that we were indoctrinated to be artificially intelligent, and we are actually hurting the person that is actually, caring for us, or the biology that is caring for us. That’s my view of the world in a nutshell.

C: How have your views changed over your life?

E: Well I have to say that they remained much of the same for about 50 years of my life.

I was indoctrinated to believe in something, therefore,as was talking about artificial intelligence, I don’t think that most of what I had in my head was natural, it’s really more eh… culture.

I’m feeling that in a way I got cheated from the truth. And what changed me, or what was the kick in the arse, you could say, or like from the movie ‘Inception’, the kick to get out of the dream, was September 11.

When September 11 happened, I had a flip, and it took me about 5 years to process as to what my past was, and for me it was just artificial.

In a nutshell, in the concept of Fraud, in Nature and Nurture, I felt that my nurture took away my nature, ok, and that the journey was to come back to my nature, and then accommodate my nature to the nurture.

Not the other way around.

C: what was it about 911 that made you flip?

E: When the second building fell, I had a flashback, and this flashback, was an event that I had in Bethlehem when I was a soldier, er, regarding a child, which was not terribly bad, it was just a child who ran after a truck and called us names, and the circumstances where, that we took him to his father, and we humiliated his father in front of him… and my vision was that this child was in the plane that struck the second tower, that it’s my responsibility.

That what I did as a youngster, could have cause this child to be so angry as to go on this plane and do this.

So, for years I had this guilt. It took me a long time to understand that I’m not responsible for it. So, that was a change, a tiny event that happened in the occupied territories in Israel, that stayed with me, because it was a child, and I had other events with children that really affected me.

So, that was the kick of changing, I think for a lot of veterans, Vietnam veterans, world war two veterans, Afghanistan, Iraq, and a lot of other veterans, were influenced by this event.

It triggered something…

C: Have you ever experienced something that was ‘indescribable?

E: On two levels. On the positive side, something that ive found indescribable is nature.Some places I’ve been, especially in South America, in New Zealand, some places in Australia, are undis… you can’t describe it in words. There is no way, you need to be there. You need to be at the glacier at El Calafate in Argentina, and see this river of ice, just miles and miles, and then exploding at the end!

I can blah blah and um… yeah.

The other one that is indescribable is war.

I cannot put two words together… there are no words to describe war. I can describe it in words but you will never be able to feel it, and I believe that if you cannot feel the words, then the words are empty.

That’s how I see it anyhow… if I say something and you have a gut understanding of what I’m saying, even if its intuitive, not necessarily totally understanding, but just intuitive, you know, this punch in the gut.

Stalin said that “One mans death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.”

You can feel that there’s something wrong with that sentence, and it gets you.

You know there’s something wrong, and the realisation that  what he says is actually true, that is what I’m talking about. Something you cannot describe, you can only feel.

I think that some places in nature are something that I cannot describe in words, and war I cannot describe in words too.

I can go on for ever but, you have to have a high adrenalin level to do that, so…haha

that’s that.

C: What piece of wisdom have you been taught, or have found to be true, that you think should be passed on to the next generation?

E: One phrase, ‘Bring the inside out’, ‘Wear your shirt upside down’. That’s one thing I can say. If I can extend, because I believe that every human, every human, that exists on this planet, is an individual, by default.

Erh, you know, your father and your mother, came together and created something that is uniquely Corey, there is no other Corey like you in the fucking universe, and there no person like me in the universe.

We attempt to come closer, and surrender our personalities somehow, to get closer, and to you know not be a tough tree in the wind and break.

We want to be flexible.

Essentially, like how we have a different fingerprint, we have different insides, and I really believe that if everybody takes time out alone, not with someone, but alone, and bring the inside out, which is sometimes, extremely ugly, I think that is the best wisdom I can give to anyone.

Know yourself before you have an observation of someone else.

C: What do you wanna be when you grow up?

E: My ego will say, that I want to change the world, but from the place that I am now, I want to feel peaceful. There’s nothing exterior in my growing up. There is only interior, coming back from the last question, I feel that If I find this place of balance, where I can accept bad and I can accept good, and just stay in that balance, then Ive achieved something, for me.

My ego says ‘ah yeah, just world peace man, go be Jesus Christ or whatever’, but I look at all the leaders that led us, and, I see more conflict than anything else. I think that our leaders are assuming that if they go get enlightened,  that we are then enlightened with them… and I don’t think so.

You know, Jesus Christ was a little bit quick in what he did, same with all others, Muhammad, Moses, umm… they were enlightened people, but yet, they didn’t have the patience to say ‘I’m just going to be who I am’, and not to expect that in my lifetime something will change, but that in what I simply do, things will change… and that’s the sad part of society, that as we said at the beginning of this conversation, you young people want everything right now here and there.

Every prophet, every leader, wanted things right now, right there, and they were prepared to either love, hate, kill, or hug, for it…

it doesn’t matter what it was they did, it’s the same paradigm.

If you say ‘come to me’ without knowing where your going, then its just another dogma.

I want to find me, and I’m finding it hard.

C: What’s a question that you would like to be asked?

E: You know the interesting part is, that for the last probably week or so, something happened which I didn’t generate, it just happened, where I stopped asking questions, and by doing so I’m getting answers without the questions.

I’m getting the answers that I believe I need without my ego interfering to ask the questions. It’s really hard to describe, I’m in a new place. I’ll give you a story ok…

I was in my van up in Mt. Jerusalem, and a station wagon came along, and the guy came out with a torch, this bright torch, and he said “Hey is anyone home?”, and I was hesitant to answer but then I said, “Yeah I’m here, what’s the problem?” and he said, “Oh nothing, nothing.” Then he turned around and drove 100 metres away, and there were other people in the van, I think it was full, and he started to shoot a pistol.

 I thought that I was going to collapse totally from those gunshots, and I noticed that I’m totally, you know, I was listening to them as if someone was merely popping crackers. Which told me that I’m in a place where there is no fear, I’m not afraid, which is amazing, I found it to be so cool. It was like ‘omg, you know, someone is shooting there, and I’m so cold’, and yet when he left, I drove to my friend’s house because I didn’t trust the after-reaction, and I wanted to be in a safe place if I do fall… and I did, I did mentally, I was saying you know, ‘I’m going to fall now… Why do you need to do that?’, and the other voice said, ‘because that’s what you need to observe’.

So, I did fall, I went back to Lebanon and the whole hell hole shit, you know, in a nanosecond, and I managed to fall asleep really early in the morning, and when I woke up, I was wet, I had peed in my bed, and I looked at it and I was extremely sad, but yet when I started to collect everything and I went to the laundry and did my stuff, I felt like a load was lifting off my back. It was like ‘oh my god, the soldier has died!’ I felt so empowered. I feel funny talking about it, it gives me goosebumps, I felt empowered.

I felt that my biology, not my head, has released me from something that I was totally imprisoned by, being a soldier. I saw this negative event, and today I look at it and go ‘thank you, Mr. Shmuck, for shooting your gun.’

So, you know, it’s the taking the negative and seeing what this thing does to you, and learning from it and going, ‘no that was actually not suffering, man that was an amazing lesson’, and that’s the only thing I can say is,

observe yourself time and time again,

observe yourself in mundane situations, in simple things that happened in a conversation you have just by coincidence, and know that there’s no coincidence in anything that you’re doing.

There is a hand out there.

There is a guiding force.

That’s all.

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