Old School Wisdom #3 – Marty Many Hands

Corey: What do you think about the world/life?

Marty: Well to be really straight, I try not to think too much about any of that.

If your asking me, ‘what do I feel about the state of the world’, basically, if I hear news, my mind goes into picturing what that could be from a selection of images that I’ve been indoctrinated with by my culture, essentially creating something out of nothing, and now i’m trying to challenge myself to live by my own experiences, rather than the ‘hear-say’ of my society.

That means basically being very attentive, very aware, and seeing that there is nothing going on except for what is in front of you.

I’m not going to waste my efforts concerning myself with something imaginary, that comes out of some ‘hear-say’ or some other source.

To be in that place of living from my own experience, I find myself that much more capable of being of service, it’s more heart felt and it’s more real, and it’s more of what I am, rather than perhaps what I was trying to be.

C: How have your views changed over your life?

M:  Well, um, I guess my views change depending on how I feel, and as I was saying before, I honour my own experience as the thing that has any real value.

I wont speak from an ideology or a let’s just say ‘thought’.

Coming from my experience, we’re on a very interesting roller coaster, where I feel very low dips, and extreme highs, of the mirror of moods that we experience.

 Its an ongoing thing.

I don’t really think Ive changed that much to be honest, I just roll with it.

I would say that the values of society have tightened, you can feel that, and yet given that that’s the case, I find that under this pressure, or lets just say for instance, the losing of liberty, the kind of crazy social dilemma of believing in ‘governments’ and ‘leaders’, and going into security, terrorism, all that kind of stuff, and then of course bringing in tougher measures with security forces, in that pressure comes something much more liberating, which is that that pressure, creates a reaction, and um, it feels like the reaction is really on right now on a grass roots level.

Just don’t take any fucking notice of whats going on in any print media, internet or whatever, you just gotta feel it grass roots, and I find that very encouraging.

Its really cool, and you know, we’ve all got it in us.

Your not going to lose anything by ignoring the popular media, all the mind conjuring, insulting news that we’re subject to.

Just keep one foot in nature, honestly, there’s such a voice going on there.

You wont get your answers out of a human mouth, you know, nature in its non-separative form just sings to you in a symphony that just can’t be denied.

C: Have you ever experienced something, that was ‘indescribable?

M: Yes I have, uh, at the time it was indescribable because lets just say that when things started to happen, it took me by surprise, and there was really no one to convey it to.

In my childhood, I had this, erhm, this feeling that I was able to walk through walls, or solid objects, and even though I never actually experienced that in the flesh, there was one stage where I was 12 and I astral traveled, where the bedroom turned into the cockpit of a spacecraft, that’s the best way I can describe it, and I was flung back into my seat, which was a bed at the time, and I was zooming through very dark space with stars flashing by, almost like light speed in a film, but when I came out of it I was so shocked, that I really didn’t know what to do, it took me a while, and I couldn’t tell me family.

There’s been experiences where i’m walking though the main mall of Melbourne, and feeling like I was floating above the bricks off my feet, and I actually felt like I was levitating but standing up.

That was quite a surprise as well, but that’s happened numerous places around the world, and also in dreams and deep sicknesses.

I’ve had pneumonia a couple of times, which is not a sickness, its more of a ‘stop and be’, your so sick that you can’t move, but then you’re filled with amazing dreams and experiences, in a sense you are upgraded.

I really believe sickness to be an opportunity to stop being distracted, and to take the next message from the unknown.

Also if it helps, to anyone out there, if your feeling anything like that, you’ve gotta stop and let it come in, because its going to be more real in the future than ever.

This distraction we are experiencing right now is so heavy and outdated, we just really need to be open for those feelings to come in.

C: What piece of wisdom have you been taught, or have found to be true, that you think should be passed on to the next generation?

M: I have the opinion that the deep seeded truth cannot come from the human tongue, if I’m making any sense to anybody, its because I’ve been drawn to live and sit in remarkable places of beauty, and that does my talking for me.

I really believe that we are conduits for so much more than a countries language or culture, its mother nature culture that I’m interested in, where there’s no bias, no opinions, there’s no separateness, there’s no, um, belittling, there’s just an embracement, and a feeling of inclusion.

If there’s any words of wisdom in this, it’s that the moment that one feels separated, take yourself away from human intervention, and sit down where its quiet, and listen to the other languages that are going on, which arn’t human.

The flow of the water, the song of the birds… and not just see it as the bird singing or the water running, but just feel the song of life, and you will be revitalised, that’s a guarantee.

C: What do you wanna be when you grow up?

M: A child.

I recently came back from the coast, where there’s a more densely populated area, and I was really not feeling myself you know, and I came back to the mountains and I sat with friends, and we shared time together with their three children, and they were so beautifully wondrous, and inquisitive, and I’m constantly reminded to look at life through the eyes of a child, and not get jaded by that crap about how were supposed to grow up and take on responsibilities.

Now that may or may not be true, I understand that everyone’s got their own way of looking at it, that everyone’s got their different responsibilities.

I would say my own personal brew of responsibilities would be acceptance, compassion, a deep coming from an intuitive place, integrity, and inclusion.

That then would definitely give assistance to when somebody finds themselves in an adult body, or maybe a senior body, so that they’re still looking at life with a twinkle in their eye, and they don’t allow the quite warped idea of what it is to ‘grow old’ to be true, because we just really don’t know, we’re going by ‘hear-say’ about where it started and where its going.

I believe we’ve got an opportunity by using some of those methods, or incorporating them into our being, to actually really challenge everything we’ve been told, and lets just start writing our own testimony.

What are you going to lose?

I didn’t come here to mimmick others who have passed, I came here to explore and experiment with this body in this life, and I always feel like I just started, so you know, numbers, divisions, borders, countries, cultures, doesn’t mean anything to me anymore, like I’m really interested in that wondrous vision of a child, who sees something for the first time.

So you know, if that’s wisdom then go with that, haha.

Or how about some common sense, you know we’ll follow a few orders and well try out a few doctrines, until we have the opportunity to just say ‘its ok, you can be proud to be yourself’.

You know, just take yourself into nature, you’ll be told what to do, you’ll be directed what to do, its all ok.

C: What’s a question that you would like to be asked?

M: I would like to be asked exactly what’s happening now, this interview, because I can honestly say that anything I say, or anything that you might read in this interview is definitely not the way for you, the reader, but throughout this series of questions, I hold strongly and firmly to the idea that we are not separate from nature, right.

If someone came and asked me what advice do I have for them, I would just simply turn them around towards the trees and say ‘just go in there’.

I don’t have it, no one does really, and we all know that deep down.

We’re all a little bit confused, hey.

Society is definitely doing a great deal of moving across the world, and there’s agitation and there’s trepidation, and you know, we’re um, we’re confused.

So we’re looking for answers, and if one doesn’t have any ego attached to being approached for those answers, then I trust that they will not misdirect, or be aware of their responsibility to give an answer.

Which is, that you must experience this yourself, and you know, ill be here.

The deeper we look into nature, the deeper we see the concepts, the layers and layers of concepts that are holding back our own answers, that we are desperately seeking from other humans.

 So like, it cant be emphasised enough, to give yourself time, make space, allow yourself silence, stop busying, and you know, you will be comforted, if you take yourself off into a place that gives to you, rather than takes from you.

That place, is nature.


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