MARDIGRASS, 2017 – Anarchy, Crime, and Marijuana


The streets are vibin’, packed by people from all over the world who have come to Nimbin to celebrate marijuana for medicinal and recreational uses in Australia.

Any race, class or gender that you can think are all here.

Everyone says hello to everyone, we are all members of the same Botany club.

Street vendors line the streets kneeling on their mats selling homemade wares made from recycled materials.

Buskers bang out their unboxed world-class talents.

Everyone’s smiling, from old ladies to thugs, whilst kids run underfoot laughing.

The riot police stalk through the streets slowly in their big 4WD’s

Colour is everywhere, the fluro orange of a tradesman who just knocked off work can be seen pleasantly smoking a joint wilst listening to a DJ spin disco beats.

Extra-terrestrial mushrooms, fat cap graffiti, kangaroo’s riding rainbows, and paintings of blue people flashing their pineals into the mystery.

Happy red eyes,

The smell of food from all corners of the earth, float over the inflatable tincture bottle and combi-van-bong installation.

An old man in a g-string stands with another old man who’s dressed for a game of lawn bowls,

they take a photo with a woman wearing pyjamas who has a king parrot perched on her shoulder.

Two women curve past with their bare breasts painted in marijuana leaves bobbing in the sunlight.

“Hey fellow groovers and body movers,” crackles a voice from an old loud speaker across the street,

“a seminar, about how to grow hemp in rich organic soil is about to commence. Hemp is a potential future cash crop in the post mining boom, so come on down and find out about this interesting topic!”

A fight almost breaks out between two drunk blokes, but everyone melts in and intervenes, dissolving the outbreak like a self-regulating organism.

The police standing on the street look bored shitless until an old woman walks over and asks them to unscrew the lid off of her water bottle – which they do so efficiently – before going back to being bored shitless.

A man rides past on his bicycle, holding a smart phone out filming the street, he yells

“Peace and love brothers and sisters!”

His viking beard waves in the wind.


Original elders of Pangea sit on the grass painting dreamtime stories on canvas, one of ‘em is talking to someone about our connection to the power of the land.

Police blockade the roads with revenue stations in and out of town.

Didgeridoo, saxophone, and keys jimmity jam under the dim-lit green-smoked lights of the Oasis café.

A drum circle opens the heart of Africa onto the street, where people are dancing, shaking their legs and arms to the rythms.

Back behind the scene when you walk past the trees, you find a local rapper spittin’ his tight rhymes on a small stage among palm trees and people wearing hoods and snap back caps embroiled with marijuana leaf.

Stomp Sessions set up their sound system and whallop out those

Big-Chunky-Bass-lines of that


The lovers of electronic adrenaline flock to the stage and cut some shapes on the dance floor.

Police walk around the backstreets booking people for possession.

Other than that,

Every interaction is self-governed.

And it’s all peaceful


So much









Photographs courtesy of,

– Sofia Hajioui Photography –

Find @ hajiouisofia on Instagram.

With love from,

The team at HeartCorePapyrus

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4 thoughts on “MARDIGRASS, 2017 – Anarchy, Crime, and Marijuana

  1. Thanks for taking me there! Beautiful writing and it just gets better – I can’t wait for the next instalment. ❤️
    I will always request that the law is challenged, not the people employed to enforce it unless they, as an individual. Is an idiot. They are also mums, dads, sons and daughters – and the people who help get bodies out of cars, provide CPR until the ambulance arrives; try to find who was responsible for murdering your friend, the lovely man who lives on the street but whose name you don’t know; who knocks on your door to tell you the person you love most in the world has died; and who have an almost unparalleled suicide rate because of their job.
    Writing should promote debate and discussion; challenge ideas and attitudes. Bring it on!!!😄


  2. I didn’t attend the event, but I had friends who did and said it was an amazing time filled with great people.
    As computer and web developer I would also like to compliment the author(s) of this site. The formatting and styling is great, easy to view and I love how the central panel scrolls vertically over the static background while in landscape mode, similar to Google+.


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