Old School Wisdom #4 – Mimi Rain

Corey: What do you think about the world/life?


How I see the earth, is that she is my mother, she is a living breathing being, she gives us life, she gives us everything.

I don’t worship her though, I love her as a mother rather than a teacher.

What I think of the world… I think its so fucked that I wanna get out of here, haha.

There’s so much betrayal, so many lies, cheating, and the ‘leaders’ are just the worst beings on the planet, they’re doing horrendous things, and I don’t get it.

I really don’t get it anymore.

I thought of a little expression that I want to say to that society,

‘Keep your reality out of my face!’

I cant be a part of that, because it depends on dishonesty.

You’ve got to lie to yourself first, to get on in this society, and I cant lie…

I can tell stories, but I cant lie.

C: Have your views changed over the course of your life?

R:  Oh yeah, majorly.

I look back on that and it seems like that’s what Ive spent my life doing, changing.

I was there when rock & roll came, I was married through the 60’s, so I was that housewife, then I was on my own and then I went to another guy and we had my daughter, then I ran away from the city and went to the bush and spent 10 years there and became somebody new, totally.

Yes the changes have been many, many, many, and looking back on them, I look at them with such fondness now,  I think:

‘awww look at you, wasn’t that cute,’

They’re like other people other than me, because i’m so strongly me now, that i’m not anybody else.

I’m a conglomerate of all those things but there not really relevant any longer, they’ve just been so taken in and become the whole, that the individual mes are not relevant other than the places where I gathered wisdom.


C: Have you ever experienced something, that was ‘indescribable?

R: Oh, many times… many times, and they’ve just all rushed into my head at once, haha.

One of the indescribable thing that I experienced was the toad journey.

I was lucky to have that.

Its not from our toad here but from the toads in South America. They milk their glands.

They say the toad is 10 times stronger than smoking DMT.

So then through various journeys with that I became in a place where I wasn’t,

I’d never been to that place before.

I was not there.

It was like I had disintegrated, and became part of this whole universe, and I was so insignificant that I could not possibly exist.

It drew back and I just disappeared.

The only way that I can describe it is from memory, because I couldn’t describe it while it was happening,

I wasn’t there.

So that was probably the strongest one that Ive had recently, the most changing.

Ive had other experiences since then but nothing like that.

I’m not going to experience that again until I die, because that was death, to me that was the experience of death.

It was pretty scary, haha.

C: What piece of wisdom have you been taught, or have found to be true through experience, that you think should be passed on to the next generation?

R: Oh goodness… probably the most important piece of information that I can pass on is something that’s out there and said all the time, which is

‘to be the change that you want to see,’.

Some people say they are light workers and such, well i’m a dark worker, because I work in creation, the dark is the feminine, and that’s the place of creation, that’s where everything comes from.

The masculine is the light, and that brings life to the dark, so its both at the same time, but we’ve loaded everything up so much with,

‘its gotta be the light’.

We’re all reaching out to this fuckin’ father God in the sky, who has nothing to do with this Earth here, who reckons your gonna go up there and have a lovely life, so that they can do what they fucking like here on this Earth.

That’s what we’ve grown up with and what we’ve been told, that the dark is bad.

Left and right, left is feminine, and right is masculine.

You know the word ‘left’ when it came from Rome was called ‘sinister’, sinister and dextar, left and right.

Sinister became the word for ‘unpleasant, not nice, not good things, spooky things,’ which is what men found great mystery in, they find it very spooky, and they wanted to suppress it.

How can we be so belittled in the world when everything comes from us? .

It’s the masculine that has gone way out of whack, way out of control, and we gotta bring it back,

so I feel that the young women need to get in touch with their feminine, because there are some terrible things I see happening among women these days, the fighting and the booty shaking, and all that horrible stuff.

My best advice would be to discover what it is to be a woman, and go that path, rather than whether or not you’ve got equal pay or whatever, find out what you can, you know, because we don’t have many examples out there of being a woman, there’s all the Gods, all the chiefs, their all male.

So seek out the feminine, read books written by women, seek out the goddesses in your environment, whatever it is, what your country is, you know, we’re into Goddesses, because it all started out with the Goddesses, cause we had it first, we had this Earth first.

C: What do you wanna be when you grow up?

R: Well i’m enjoying being an Elder, so I dunno, what comes after being an elder?

An ‘ascended being’ I suppose, haha.

I had a guided journey this one time where I went to Sirius.

I went to the crystal city there, and was given some gifts, and I was taken to this big circular place, like a big speaker, and inside there were all of these people singing in harmony, and you could see the colours they were singing were being sent to Earth.

So that’s what im gonna do when I grow up,

I’m gonna go and sit on Sirius and sing for the Earth.

C: What’s a question that you would like to be asked?

R: I don’t know…. ‘Whats it like to be old?’

C: What is it like to be old?

R: I reckon its damn fine actually, i’m really quite enjoying myself.

 Ive noticed that there are decades where certain things seem to take place, its not a rule, it seems in general though,

that when people are in their 40’s, especially for women, they’re really ‘Raahh!’, they’re really into themselves, they’re really strong, they know what they want to say, the kids are generally off the tit and moved away a little bit, and the’yre rediscovering themselves.

The 50’s are I suppose like the teenage years of old age, you just sort of think,

‘oh, im on my way out so I better get out there and start doing stuff,’

and like I said, I left and started a whole new life when I was 48.

I went to the bush when I was 50, and cleared a space and built things and had an amazing existence with a guy, 10 years we lived there.

I then spent my 60’s with music, I had bought my harp and played stared playing with other women and formed a band, and wrote songs and recorded a CD, and you know, all of these things happen because i’m still open to them.

When I turned 70 I was on a trip way out with an original woman named Kerrianne Cox, and toured and sang in concert with her.

Now i’m 72, and i’m waiting for my next adventure.

What are my 70’s going to bring?

If your paying attention, it’s a really interesting journey, but you’ve got to be paying attention.

Too many people are distracted by family, work, jobs, you know…

I’ve chosen to walk a different path, and not everyone is going to do that, but if people ask me what my secret IS, well

‘Don’t be ordinary’


Photographs courtesy of,

– Sofia Hajioui Photography –

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With love from,

The team at HeartCorePapyrus


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